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In Facility training

At RHT we offer a wide range of on and off ice player development training designed to engage the mind and help produce in game situational play and awareness.  We are here to help you become the faster, stronger, and better.  

Packages can be used throughout the season/off season,

conveniently booked through the link below.


**All prices include GST**


30 minutes single use treadmill: $42.00

Combo session (30 min treadmill, 30 min shooting): $63.00

RapidShot system (30 minutes): $31.50


     When you purchase 8 skating sessions upfront you'll receive:

The 9th session is free

+1 free equipment cleaning

1-hour skate and shoot x 8        $504.00

30 minute skate only x 8            $336.00


Skate sharpen: $5

11 sharp card: $52.50

25 sharp card: $105

Gift Certificates available.

*Combo and sharpen packages can be shared between siblings and friends.

*All packages must be used within 9 months of purchase.

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