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Summer Camps 2022

Important to know:

- Each camp runs Monday-Friday

- Payment is due July 1

If you don't see the camp you're looking for, send us a message!

August 8-12, 2022 - Millennium Place    

  Intro to Body Checking     12:30pm           U15-U18 

                                  AA/AAA Prep camp       1:45pm             U13-U18             


August 15-19, 2022 - Millennium Place 

                                  Skills & Drills Prep Camp    12:00pm   U11                                                                      Shooting & Scoring Camp     1:15pm      U13-U18

                                  Developing Defense             2:45pm     U13-U18                       

August 22-26, 2022 - Millennium Place

                                  Skills & Drills Prep Camp        1:15pm        U13                       

                                  Intro to Body Checking            2:45pm       U15-U18             

                                  Skills & Drills Prep Camp        4:00pm       U15-U18                    

visit the "book here" tab to sign up 






The Powerskating camp is for minor-hockey aged players. The focus is power, speed, agility, fundamentals of skating, edges control, stride development and conditioning. We work with and without pucks, then progress into shooting and puck handling.

 This camp is a high intensity powerskating camp. It pushes players to get faster by focusing on skating, developing string edge control, puck control,  game situational play and gives you the advantage for your tryouts.

The focus for this camp will be

giving and receiving hits, checking, angling and putting yourself in safe positions. Battling the puck and staying focused on position. Learning how to position yourself to take a hit and make a play. We will focus on playing with body contact.


This camp is for d-men to develop skills crucial to their success. It includes skills they typically wouldn't get to work on or learn during hockey season. Pivoting, passing,  regroup, gap control,  positional play, space awareness, and embracing the role of a d-man.  

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