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Revolution Hockey Training

Code of Conduct

Respect yourself and those around you. Be kind and make wise decisions. Know the rules and respect them. Challenge yourself, but don’t be hard on yourself. Learn and absorb from the activity around you. Be healthy and strong, both mentally and physically. Be a dependable and trustworthy teammate and friend. Try something new every week! Absolutely no cursing, rough housing, fighting, stealing, or causing damage to personal or building property. No candy or pop allowed.



Anyone under 9 years of age must be accompanied by a parent. Personal Liability waivers must be signed by each member, as well as their parent/guardian prior to working out/training in the facility. No outside shoes allowed past the yellow line. Two strike behaviour rule: If any participant is given a warning for their behaviour, they will be given one more chance. If a second warning is needed, their guardian will be called and they will be asked to leave. If a third warning is needed, the participant will not be allowed in the facility without a parent.

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